Adsense Keywords

With the process we use to find quality CPA and Amazon Keywords, we come across keywords that don’t really fit into either category or do not meet some of the other criteria that we use to evaluate them for either of those categories.

Some of them would be wonderful for adsense and thus we are going to be offering adsense keywords as well.  Typically they will be in a package of related keywords so that you can rank for more than one keyword and build out a site based on the theme of the keywords.  Often times, if you have another site that is related you can fold these keywords into that site.

That being said, we will be updating this page with links to those KW packages so you can see what is available and if if fits your business model.

Currently we have the following packages available:

Monster Adsense Keyword Package – See it by clicking here.

30 Keywords with over a Half Million Monthly Searches!

Commercial Intent Mid-sized Package – See it by clicking here.

That has 39 keywords with just under 30,000 Monthly  searches.

Women related mini- package – See it by clicking here.

Many of these 15 keywords have best in them and are suitable for both Amazon and Adsense.  Just over 5,000 Monthly searches.